Automatic intake

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  • The simplest form is the automatic scanning with the iScan in conjunction with the belt storage intake by A 2000 to 3000. The i Scan identifies 400-500 packets per hour.
  • The ApoFeeder separates, scans and places the packages in the A 1000 or Cube+. This at a rate of around 220 packets per hour.
  • The Apostore FeedHopper automatically separates the wholesale delivery, places it on the intake belt and scans the packages with iScan – with a capacity of up to 520 packets per hour.

The different automatic APOSTORE intakes are best performers.

Technical information

Equipment IScan FeedHopper ApoFeeder
Applicable A 2000/A 3000 A 2000/A 3000 A 1000(e)/Cube+
Width Integrated 0,80m 0,60m
Height Integrated 1,70m 0,80m
Length Integrated 1,50m 1,60m
Installation Side/front Side/front Side/side
Scanning performance 400-500 Packets per hour - 220 Packets per hour
Separation performance - 500 Packets per hour 220 Packets per hour
Packets cubical/round cubical cubical
Technology Scanning tunnel Controlled belts mechanically
Packet handling Gripper Conveyor belt/flipper mechanically
Remote maintenance yes yes yes
Separate controller no yes no
Decor options 12-500 1-500 1-500
Spare parts guarantee 15 years 15 years 15 years