logoThe development of the automated picking system is, to a large extent, also the history of Apostore.

Our first picking systems ever manufactured still work in the pharmacies. And they do so with absolute precision and to the satisfaction of our customers.

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  • 1986 First automated picking robot
  • 1994 First presentation at Expopharm fair
  • 1996 First automated hospital
  • 2000 First pharmacy picking system with 2 gripper arms
  • 2007 First self-cleaning pharmacy picking system
  • 2010 First pharmacy picking system with standby mode
  • 2011 25th anniversary of success
    • More than 30 patents and utility models
    • iF Award for product design
    • Top 100 Innovation Seal
    • Nominated for the German Design Award 2012
  • 2013 Best pharmacy partner
    • Top 100 Innovation Seal
    • First modular pharmacy picking system