Why automation?


Growing market

The market for drugs will continue to grow in the future. Due to demographic developments the share of older people and people needing therapy will rise, and at the same time also life expectancy. In all likelihood, significantly more prescription, off-the shelf and over-the-counter items will be dispensed in the individual pharmacies in the future. This means more handling effort with more packets that need to be ordered daily, sorted correctly and dispensed correctly.

Strong trend towards self-medication

The trend to self-medication is also growing stronger. Customers expect more advice on the purchase of OTC products.

The challenges in the future are to find more time to offer advice to more demanding customers while managing increased packet volumes.

Increased administrative burden

However, it also increases the administrative and logistical burden by changing health insurance rebate contracts and new purchasing specifications of the pharma wholesalers.

To successfully meet this trend (more packets in the same space, with the same personnel if possible, at increased cost), efficiency must be increased substantially.