OnDemand 400 for easyBLIST


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OnDemand for easyBLIST is the first automated packing system for multi-medication dose administration aids.
This efficient system uses OnDemand technology to dispense multiple medications for a single patient quickly and accurately and in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. This pharmacy automation equipment system utilises a custom interface to work with your existing information systems, enabling automated workflow management in the pharmacy. This single data input process reduces input time and the possibility of data entry errors. OnDemand® for easyBLIST uses bar-code technology to accurately dispense multiple medications into one compartment—as many or as few as needed. easyBLIST dose administration aids vary in size and shape to meet the needs of the customers you serve. The finished product is a patient-specific adherence package filled “on demand” for your customer.

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