Unguator 2100


The UNGUATOR® 2100 employs four on-board microprocessors and the mixing process is fully automatic for jar sizes 15-1000ml.

All general mixing parameters are pre-set in the system, which allow the operator to concentrate more on raw materials and less on recipe specifics, leaving it up to the device to continually adjust the mixing settings.

Whether making creams, gels, ointments, powders, suspensions, emulsions, or other formulations, the UNGUATOR® 2100 fully automates and documents the once cumbersome blending process.

With the introduction of this model, laboratories and pharmacies are now able to prepare everything from the most intricate reaction mixing, at very slow speed, to bulk manufacturing, up to 1000ml. With a speed range starting as slow as 600 rpm and up to 2400 rpm, this model is not limited by low viscosities or other raw material properties.

Fully compatible with all current Unguator® products, the system quickly transforms any pharmacy into a fully capable compounding facility.

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